Mack's 1st Easter

We of course went to the annual Capener family Easter egg throw.
Congratulations to this year's winner cousin Cade.

This is what Mack did during the big Easter egg throw (sleep in Grandpa's truck). Maybe next year he can join the competition.

Mack got to have a personal photo shoot with the Easter Bunny. Thanks Easter Bunny!

This is his camo outfit. Gavin picked it out for him. I really didn't like it when we got it, but seeing it on Mack has made it grow on me.

All ready for bed in his cute shark PJ's.

Family photo, smile.

Mack and Grandma Barbara. This moment made me think about wishing life by too fast. Just enjoy the present, because far too soon it becomes the past.

Mack coloring Easter eggs with Dad.

Mom helped too.

Our beautiful Easter eggs!

Coloring eggs is hard work, Mack needed a little nap in the middle of the festivities.
We hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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Andersen said...

WHat a fun holiday for Mack to celebrate. It looks like he had a fun time. He is in trouble... he is already growing up too fast. Can't wait to come home and give him hugs and kisses. The kids loved looking at pictures of him. They were so excited.