Shopping with Mack

So today was my first time running errands with Mack on my own. Up until now either Gavin has gone with me or one of us has stayed home with Mack while the other went out to run errands. It didn't seem like it would be too hard to do by myself, because every time I've gone with Gavin Mack has simply just slept in his car seat. Today was a different story.
First we went to get the oil changed in the car. Mack cried all the way to Jiffy Lube. When I got there and took him out of his seat to calm him down another lady in the waiting room asked "Do you know that you're baby is crying so hard he is turning red?" I smiled and refrained from saying something smart like "No, I didn't that is why I'm trying to calm him down." In the middle of all this I noticed that I had forgotten to put my wedding ring on, partly because the lady was looking at my hand and giving me a dirty look. (New found appreciation for single moms.)
He calmed down and started to fall asleep, so I thought "good we can make a quick stop at the bank and pick up a few groceries." (Mack thought "think again mom.") So we put the checks in the bank and began grocery shopping and he started screaming again. So I took him out of his car seat. I'm sure we looked like quite a sight as I tried to calm him down, push a cart, and avoid getting frustrated by all the people staring at us. As I got in the car a nice woman in the parking lot said "Don't worry you did a good job." It's funny that when she said that I felt like I had just made a great accomplishment. Never thought shopping could bring such satisfaction. Of course Mack fell asleep on the way home and has been perfectly happy since arriving at home.


Amber said...

I remember my first outing too! So excited to show off the baby, but way overwhelmed at the same time! Don't worry. After the 2nd kid comes along, you will read this back and laugh at yourself for thinking it was such an ordeal with just one!! Hang in there, it gets easier with every outing!!

Andersen said...

Good job Katie the first always is a huge step. It will get easier some days and then be hard the next. I have had people say to me "can't you handle your kids" before... you just have to keep trying and whatever anyone says or funny ways they look at you just do your best. You are a good mom! Don't try to run faster then you can walk. Make sure you are still getting some alone time, even if it is only for 30 seconds.

Braydon and Ashlee said...

im sorry katie, taking babies out is hard. we are learning the same thing. dont listen to dumb jiffy lube lady, our baby scream till she goes red. every baby does clearly she didnt know that. hope you are doing well.