ESPN Champion

For those of you who will be very confused by this post here's a little background info. Every year Gavin's family has a little competition. We each fill out a bracket for March Madness and those of us who know nothing about college basketball pretend to become experts for a few weeks. It is also said that this is the #1 reason to have children in the Hall family, because you get to fill out a bracket for each child. (However, let it be noted that this was not the primary reason for welcoming Mack into our home.)
Anyway to make a long story short I am the champion! Although I haven't been saying it in my sleep like some previous champions we may know, wink wink, Gavin, I do intend to claim full bragging rights for the year ;) even though my win may prove that it takes absolutely no former knowledge of basketball to become the ESPN Hall family champion.


Andersen said...

haha it is true. I was the first champ and have know knowledge of how i did it. congrats enjoy the year of being the champ until next march

Kami said...

Congratulations! That is quite a feat!!! Enjoy the bragging rights all year long! And Mack is absolutely beautiful...what a sweet baby! so much to celebrate in your life ;)