Lots of Christmas fun.  Santa found us and so did both sets of Grandparents and by the end of the day I wondered why we bought anything because they had plenty to play with.
 Grant loved unwrapping gifts.  I think it had just as much to do with the wrapping as the toys.
 Hours of train fun.
 And lots of rides in our new red wagon.
 Left both boys looking like this by six o'clock that night.

 Just some fun fall pictures of our boys. I realized that we didn't have any pictures of just Grant that were decent so we went to take pictures.

 I have a new appreciation for photographers.  Do you know how hard it is to get even one picture where they are both smiling.

 We went to the Pumpkin Walk tonight. It was so much fun.  Mack liked taking pictures as these different characters and wanted to see the picture after each one.

 Taking Pictures with the witch at the end of the pumpkin walk.  Mack informed me that she was a nice witch.
 The Hunger Games pumpkin display
 Dad and the boys
 Mack liked the Madagascar display
 Hooray for Halloween Fun!
 The rest of these pictures are just random pictures of my boys.  I love watching them play together.
 Grant is growing so fast. He is such a happy baby.  We love to make him giggle.
 It's fun to watch Mack learn new things.  This is a tower he built, he was so proud of it.  
This is Mack's cheese face. 

Grant G Hall

 Grant G Hall was born yesterday, June 21, 2012.  He was 6 lbs 14 oz. & 19.5 inches long.
We just thought we should post some pictures for everyone to see.
This is Gavin posting so I apologize for not being more detailed or anything,
but I hope you enjoy seeing the newest addition to our family.
 Both Mom and Baby are healthy and well!
 Mack loves his new little brother...for now.  We will see how long it
takes before he asks us to trade Grant for a small yellow puppy instead.
Grant has more hair than we expected.  It is really dark too.  It will
probably lighten up with time like Mack's did but I guess we will see.
He does take after his dad though because he was born with sideburns.
What a stylin' child!

Big Brother In Training

 Mack is so excited for baby Grant to be born. He is getting all ready. He moved rooms and got a big boy bed which he has slept in very well, knock on wood.  He's also learned to wear big boy underwear.
 He thinks he's a big boy now and likes to wear daddy's shoes.
 He loved getting all the baby stuff out to get ready for Grant. I'm not sure that he understands it's for the baby. I often find him lounging in the bouncy chair.
We are so excited for baby Grant Yeah!


 Coloring Easter Eggs
 Then we're off to the Riverside Easter Egg Hunt to see the Easter Bunny
 See the cousins
 And gather Easter Eggs.

 Then we headed up to the farm
 To fly kites
 Add roll eggs down the hill.
 Perhaps it is more correct to say throw eggs down the hill.
 The next morning we woke to find that the Easter Bunny had brought some yummy treats
 and hid Easter eggs all around the house.
Don't worry though Mack found them all.

Mack's 2nd Birthday

 Mack loves driving the tractors and drags uncle Josh around from one piece of machinery to the next every time we go visit.
 Mack and his Thomas train birthday cake!
 Presents what could be more fun?!
Mack got a bunch of fun new things for his birthday. A tractor his size to drive, some awesome books, and this Thomas train set which he managed to run the batteries out of in about 24 hours. Happy Birthday Mack We love you!