Mack's 1st Birthday

I can't believe my little baby is already one year old. They grow up too fast. He is getting such a little personality and we are having so much fun watching him grow and learn new things. I made him an Elmo birthday cake because he loves Elmo. I think it's the only thing he will sit in one place for.

I made cupcakes with the other sesame street characters on them so we could let him dig into one and still have a cake to serve everyone.

This is what they looked like by the end of the party.

Mack got some fun presents for his birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Hall gave him a little turtle that he can sit on and bounce. (Hard to describe, sorry I don't have a better picture.)

I made him a car town mat to play cars on. He's still a bit young for it, but were working on learning how to play cars.

Grandma and Grandpa Capener of course added to his John Deere collection with this big John Deere truck. Mack likes to sit in the back and have me push him around in it. He also uses it to haul his toys around while we clean the at the apartments.


Magen said...

Happy Birthday Mack! They do grow up SO fast! I hope you guys had fun celebrating!

Andersen said...

looks like a fun bday party. You will have to tell me and show me how you made the car town mat. That is something I want to make for my kids. What a big guy!

J&M4E said...

Oh my a year old! Happy Happy (belated) birthday! I was looking through James' old photos and found some of Gavin. They could easily pass for Mack's! Glad to see things going well. Can't wait to see you in July!

jaci said...

Hey Katie! I can't believe your baby is already one! He is adorable. It's good to be in touch again. Gavin told Zach you guys had a blog I've been missing out on!