Just an Update

I was just downloading the videos off our camcorder and realized that we had a bunch of fun random videos and pictures so I thought that I would share what we've been up to lately. Right now Gavin is in Italy on a business trip with the MBA program. It sounds like he's got some really cool pictures, so stay tuned for pictures from Italy in the near future.

I still can't believe that I was brave enough, or maybe the correct term would be cheap enough to give Mack a haircut. Anyway it didn't turn out all that bad, so he won't be scared for life or anything.

Gavin got me a keyboard for my birthday so that I could try and revive what piano playing skills I once had. Mack loves it. He has figured out how to put it on the sound effects setting and have it make animal sounds.

We went sleding for family night last week.

However, I think Mack enjoyed blowing the tube up more then riding it down the hill.

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Andersen said...

cute cute, I can't believe mack is almost 1. he has become such a big boy so fast. hope gav is doing well in italy... lucky guy.