Family Reunions

We had two family reunions over memorial day weekend. We started off with the Hall's on Saturday and treked up to Idaho for a Rodeo. It was the furthest Mack has ever been away from home. It was quite the rodeo with plenty of cowboys and cowgirls and even a rodeo clown.

This was a fun "horse race" game we played. You get a peice of newspaper which you are to find your horse's name on. Then you race the other horses by ripping your peice of newspaper down the center without running off the track by ripping it apart before getting to the end of your paper.

Our rodeo clown and the little cousins.


We started out meeting for Sunday dinner each week at Grandma Alice's house. We have since grown in numbers and meet each memorial day for a picnic.

Just to get an idea of how fast we are growing here are the babies born in the last year. (Mack is the youngest one on the end.)

Just a picture of Mack. He loves this little tag blanket that aunt Jessica made him. He loves to cuddle with it, Thanks aunt Jessica!
I can't believe how fast my little guy is growing, he keeps growing out of all his cute little outfits. It is so much fun to get him to smile and laugh. We just love him so much!

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Andersen said...

I love the pictures... I just can't get enough of little baby Mack. I am glad he like the blanket. It looks like you guys had a lot of family fun. Someday we will be close to family and enjoy things like that again. Give that baby a hug and kiss from me and the kids they love seeing pictures of him.
Also Reve talks about Mack and prays for him like they have been buds forever. It is pretty cute.