Gavin got his bachelor's degree today! Way to go Gav! We had joked around about dressing Mack up in a graduation outfit and having him walk with Gavin, so last night at about 8:30 or 9:00 we decided that we should go ahead and make him an outfit. So we whipped him up something quick, don't look too close at the outfit, remember this was a last minute put together, but it sure was fun.
Woo Hoo! There's my graduates!

When the dean handed Gavin his diploma he stopped him and pointed out Mack to the crowd, it was pretty cool. Mack got to be a recognized graduate.

My cute little guy.

Daddy and Mack

Here's hoping that Mack doesn't use this picture in the future as evidence that he doesn't need to go to college, because he already graduated once.

Mack sleeping while running errands between graduation ceremonies. (They had one for the university and then split up into the different colleges later on in the day.)

Mack is starting to smile and we when he does we take about a million pictures in hopes of actually catching him smiling in one of them. He probably thinks he was born into the paparazzi sometimes.

He was all smiles playing peek-a-boo with his daddy the other night.


Andersen said...

oh those pictures of Mack melt my heart. We cant wait to finally play with him. Seeing those pictures of him smiling I think he looks a lot like Talmage. Congrats Gavy boy we are so proud of you and your accomplishments. We are a little sad wishing Marshall would have been before you. Oh well. :) Good JOB!!!!

Kaylee said...

I LOVE those graduation pictures. Mack's outfit was so adorable. I can't wait to meet the little guy, hopefully on Memorail Day. (I hope there is a picnic to attend).

Niki & Quinn Jackson said...

Katie you're so cute! I love that you guys made Mack a graduation outfit!! I'm Counting down the days now until my little Sage arrives..hopefully only 1 more week! Your little family is so cute!!