Otavalo- The End of Our Trip

I got to meet a guy named Chuquin and his wife. He helped the missionaries translate when they were teaching people who spoke Quichua (The language people speak in Otavalo).

A whole pig. We didn't eat any, Gavin said it wasn't safe. Not that I was disappointed.

The market in Otavalo.

The stake president's booth. All of the things you see are made from llama.

The waterfall in Otavalo. It's called Peguche.

The water behind Gavin is where the water falls. He is about two feet away from the edge of the waterfall.

You go through this little tunnel to get to the spot seen in the picture just above this one.

We met this couple at the waterfall. Their names are Greg and Brooke. Brooke served her mission in Ecuador and they offered us a ride to everywhere we had planned to go in their rental car. I was grateful to meet some new friends who spoke English and to ride in a car instead of a bus.

We are at a lake called Cuiococha. It was formed when a volcano exploded out the side of the volcano. The two islands in the middle are formed from magma pushing upward.

This is the stake president's wife. We are in their shop where they sell many very interesting things like the tapestry Gavin brought home from his mission.

Many of the world's flowers are grown in Ecuador. Gavin talked his way into letting a security guard let us into one of the green houses after hours, so we got to go see where they grow them. They export to 15 different countries.

We got to see rows and rows of beautiful roses.

Gavin and Greg decided that they wanted a picture at a lookout point, but the only decent place to get a picture was fenced off. Needless to say that didn't stop them. They jumped a fence while Brooke and I kept watch. It was a good thing we were watching because a little old Indian woman came running down the hill screaming and taking off her sweater. They jumped the fence and we made a clean get away in the rental car before she got to us.

Speaking of the rental car, here it is.


Brooke said...

It was fun to read your post. We were so glad to have run into you guys. I'll send you an invite to our blog. Take care!

James & Melony said...

Katie your trip looked like it was SO much fun! I enjoyed the pictures :)