Easter Fun

Every year my mom is in charge of the Riverside Easter Egg Hunt. Although Riverside is just a small little town you'd be surprised by the celebration they can throw. Anyway for the past few years the Easter Bunny has shown up to the egg hunt. Gavin happened to get a picture with the bunny. (Who know where Katie was during the hunt?)

My mom and the Easter Bunny.

Every year the Capener's go up to a hill on the farm and have an Easter egg throw. It's been a tradition since my dad was a little boy. However it has evolved over the years. It began as a picnic and letting the kids roll a few eggs down the hill. It has since turned into a full blown out competition complete with bragging rights for the year. Mostly just the boys compete to see who can throw an egg furthest. I must say they throw pretty far. Congratulations to cousin Cade this year's winner.

I always like to look for the flowers that grow on the hill.
They seem to say spring is finally here!

Gavin watching to see wear his egg is going to land.

For those of you who have never heard of an egg throw and are wondering what this crazy event looks like, I've included a short video of the crazy tradition.


Ryan and Maria said...

Gavin throws like a girl!

Andersen said...

That is the cutest Easter Bunny I have ever seen.

Melissa Coates said...

Your blog is so cute! You two look so happy. hope all is well!