Graduation & March 4th!

So I have two small things to blog about today. I rarely if ever blog without a picture, because few if any things we do are blog worthy without also being camera worthy. Anyway to all you Hall's who celebrate March 4th, Happy March 4th. For those of you wondering what sort of celebration is missing from your calendar, don't fret. March 4th is a holiday invented by the Hall family. I'm sure if I tried to explain how to celebrate I would miss some important piece of information, so I'll let Gavin explain later to any who wish to join in the celebration.
My second piece of half worthy blog news is I finally applied for graduation today. JOY! It's not quite as good as actually graduating, but it means that the light is beginning to show at the end of the long college tunnel. I'll do my student teaching in the fall and graduate in December. It's crazy how fast life flies by. Even things that you think will never come close to ending do. What's is even funnier is that no matter how long you've waited for a certain day to come it always seems to sneak up on you in some way or another. Well anyway all is good in Logan. We hope that everyone has a stupendous March 4th. (Whether you consider it a holiday or not ;)

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Andersen said...

Happy March 4th to you as well. We love the holiday in our house. My in-laws think I am a little weird with the whole thing as well. Congrats with the graduation it is crazy to look back and see how fast time goes by.