I Am So Spoiled!

So I just wanted to take a minute to brag about what a wonderful husband I have. Last weekend he got hit with Valentine's Day and my Birthday and well I definitely got spoiled. He often gets teased that he lumps my birthday and Valentine's day into one celebration because they are back to back. So, I thought that I would defend him a little and say that he really did spoil me rotten. Although he did like reminding me that I'm older than him.
Gavin got me Bohnanza (a really fun game), some earrings, towels, and don't forget those super comfy socks. (When people asked what Gavin got me for my birthday he would always remind me to mention the socks.) Then he turned around the next day and did the whole Valentine's Day celebration, complete with a coupon book for a bunch of my favorite things like going out for ice-cream and such.
I had a great day filled with wonderful gifts and thoughtful messages from family. Not to mention all of the wonderful birthday songs I received throughout the day. I have to admit I that the Beasley's could probably win American Idol with their version of Happy Birthday. If you haven't heard it you should. I am really so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Thanks for making it a special day!


Kami said...

Happy Birthday Katie! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday/Valentine's weekend (your hubby is a sweetheart-just like you!). I love that Gavin teases you about being older-it reminds me of Grandma and Grandpa! Hope the shower and everything goes well-you'll have to blog about it so I can pretend like I was there :(

Ryan and Maria said...

I'm glad ole' Gav boy is taking good care of you! We miss and love you both! See you in 2 months!!! :)

Andersen said...

It was so good to see you guys so much while i was there. Thanks for helping with Reve and holding baby Lexi. You guys are great.