Temple Square

We had a great weekend. We spent Saturday in Salt Lake. First we spent a few hours doing some Christmas shopping at the Gateway. Then went to the BYU vs. USU basketball game with James and Melony. It was alot of fun. After that we met Gavin's parents at temple square.

I love Temple Square at Christmas time, I can't think of many other places that get me in the Christmas mood like Temple Square does.

Just us being cheesy!

I wish we would have gotten a picture of James and Melony, but we just weren't thinking. However we got a kick out of the number of people who stopped and asked if they were taking engagement pictures.

We thought that this new Nativity set in the reflection pond was absolutely gorgeous! It just looks so peaceful.

Gavin's mom singing with the reflections group in the South visitor's center at Temple Square.

The Reflections group singing beautiful holiday music. Nothing brings the Christmas spirit like some festive tunes.

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Andersen said...

I think when we come to Utah we will have to go to SLC to see the lights. Reve would love to go see them. i am jealous.