Our Holiday Break

Well I hope you're up for a long blog. We tend to put off blogging for too long and when we finally get around to updating again we find that we have about a million things to put on the blog. We had a great Thanksgiving. We spent the day with the Capener's as the Hall's were in Kansas visiting a beautiful new grand-daughter. We stuffed ourselves silly and had a great time with family. We truly had so many things to be grateful for. There are times that we tend to day dream about the future and wish we had a house, kids, and a puppy. It's sad that it sometimes takes something like Thanksgiving to help us realize that we are so blessed and that life is good right now. There is always something to be thankful for, even in times of trials. We have been so blessed !
Anyway so after Thanksgiving I decided to brave the shopping crowds and go out looking for the good deals Friday morning. I ended up at Home Depot at 6am. crazy I know! Well I'll tell you if you really want some attention go to Home Depot as a clueless girl on black Friday. All I had to do was ask for an item and I had four employees trying to help me find it. I must have looked pretty stressed out. Well anyway it was fun and I got some good deals.

After braving the crowds Friday morning I decided to get out the Christmas decorations. It always makes me happy to get out all the trimmings.

Gavin had fun helping decorate too.

Our Christmas tree.


Ryan and Maria said...

WOW! You guys have a nice tree :)

Jason & Morgan said...

You are just like your mom, Your decorations are darling what a happy home, Wish we could of seen you on Thanksgiving. Miss ya tons.

Kami said...

Oh what a cute tree! You're place looks great...so cute and homey! I love that you use power tools...Capener women are tough stuff! I mean we painted beehives, pulled rye, and picked rocks...we can do anything! So excited to see you at Christmas!

Andersen said...

Your tree does look nice but you should see our tree. It was cute down from the mountains (so it looks very charlie Brown) and we had the best helper with putting on the decorations (Reve). He loves them, he calls all the decorations buttons. I am so excited for Marshall to be done with the semester. What are your plans for the break. When will you have off. We need to party.... and drink pop out of a can. We are trying to decided when to come for the break. What are your plans?