Once their was a snowman TALL TALL TALL

We had our first run of snow removal at the apartments last week. Mack was a good sport. He couldn't even move in all of his snow gear, but he stood where ever mom put him and watched us shovel snow. The owner of the building also bought us a new snowblower and that made things go so much faster.
And of course we had to take a few minutes to build a snowman. Mack kept singing "tall, tall, tall" while we were clearing the snow. It's the only part of the song he knows well enough to sing. So when we were all done we made a very little snowman, a little pitaful for a snowman I know, but Mack thought it was the best thing ever.

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Magen said...

How fun! (except for the shoveling) My boys can't wait to play in the snow and build a snowman... they run to the window every morning to look for snow. I can't believe how big Mack is and how much he looks like a little Gavin! He is so cute, I hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!