Pumpkin Walk

Last week we went to the Cache Valley Pumpkin Walk with cousins and Grandpa & Grandma Hall. It was a lot of fun. They make several different scenes out of pumpkins. The kids had a blast.

Pumpkin Zoo animals.

Mack and Dad looking at the forest animal pumpkins.

One of our favorites the angry bird pumpkins.

Mack liked to touch all of the pumpkins lining the walk way.

Winnie the Pooh.

It's always funny to me that by the end of any trip Mack is pushing the stroller instead of sitting in it.

They had at least a dozen cut out things like this. I think the kids had the most fun here. They wanted their picture taken at every one.

Bob the builder


Clifford the Big Red Dog

Before the pumpkin walk Mack and I made Halloween cookies. We had a blast and he was covered in flour by the end of it.

We came back and ate the cookies and pizza after the pumpkin walk. Fun fall times!


Andersen said...

what a cute little guy... I just want to kiss his little face. I love him in Yoda so cute.

Braiden and Brittany Pickett said...

This all looks so fun. We loved hanging out with you guys this weekend!!!