Fun Summer Activities

We love getting in the pool. Mack absolutely loves the water and would spend alot more time out in the pool if he got to choose.
Mack and Mom floating on the noodles.

Chilling in his froggy floater.

I hope that I haven't turned my child into a total neat freak by managing apartments. He loves the vacuums and he knows what all the parts do.

Mack wants so much to be like his dad. While Gavin was going to school he would often find this bag and need to use it as his back pack.

We borrowed this knight outfit from my mom for something we needed to dress up for. Anyway Mack found it and thought it was the best thing ever. He wore it for a long time and didn't want to give the sword up for anything.

My little knight in shinning armor.

Mack loves hanging around with cousins. Especially in their cars shirts. He has become quite obsessed with cars lately. He wants anything that has to do with cars and pick things out from a mile away if they have lightening McQueen on them.

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