Happy Halloween

Mack was a Lion for Halloween. I was so proud of him. He didn't seem to mind wearing his costume even with all the loops around his head. However, I think he may have eaten some of the tail.
Gavin's scary pumpkin.

Mack's pumpkin. We made it say Boo because he loves peek-a-boo so much.

My pumpkin.

We got together with our friends Braiden and Brittany Pickett for Halloween. We carved pumpkins, ate spider cake, and watched Hocus Pocus. It was a great little party.

The pumpkin carving.

Mack loved his little pumpkin.

When I got out a few Halloween decorations for our party I found this pirate stuff. So I dressed Mack up in it. Who knows maybe he will be a pirate next year, I thought he made a pretty cute one.

Mack playing with our pumpkins.
Party at the Hall's

Mack loves to cuddle with Grandpa Hall.

The smallest of the cousins had fun together while everyone else...

...played minute to win it.

Fun for all.

(Hall's annual ladies leisure siesta... or something like that.)

The women of our family and Mack.

Grandma playing minute to win it.

The mess made by the Kleenex game.

Melanie and Grandma playing the mummy game during minute to win it.

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Andersen said...

Cute little Mack I just want to kiss him to death. Looks like he has been having a some fun parties. I am glad you put up some pictures from the party. I am going to have to steel some. I hope the book is helping.