We're moving

We just got a job as apartment managers, which means we will be moving on July 7th. We will only be moving about two blocks up the street, but we are way excited. The complex that hired us has two couples manage and the other couple just happens to be our best friends Braiden and Brittany. This will be a great opportunity for us as it will allow us to get through Gavin's masters degree without going into debt and it will allow me to stay home with Mack. This is truly a great blessing for us.


James & Melony said...

thats really cool katie. gotta love those little tender mercies huh :) congrats

Andersen said...

That is great... managing was a great blessing for us as well. I don't think we would of made it through school without the free rent. It is funny how things always work out, it just shows that the Lord loves us and wants us to be happy. You are lucky to have your friends do it with you. It is really ruff to do it by yourself.