Nesting Birds

So we are just counting down the days until Mack arrives (hopefully a bit early during spring break). I got into a bit of a cleaning spree Saturday, thinking I needed to get the house all cleaned up before he got here. Anyway to make a long story short, in our house daddy birds get way more into cleaning out the nest then mommy birds do.This is Gavin vacuuming out the utility closet... YES the UTILITY CLOSET! Hopefully Mack won't be going in there any time soon, but it's clean now just in case.
This is Gavin getting mad at me for making fun of him. However, I can't make too much fun of him because I really appreciate all his help with the cleaning and I've become a bit of a ditz lately as well. I keep telling Gavin that Mack better be smart because he is stealing all of my brain cells.

So now I think we are ready. His room is all set up and ready to go...

We have an abundance of diapers (this cute diaper cake thanks to Brittany).

And I certainly feel large enough. Now all we have to do is wait for him to decide he's ready to come join our family.


Andersen said...

wow I am so excited for you guys. what an adventure you are about start. funny I am finally sleeping all through night now and you are about to start the cycle. I hope you know you can call for any advise or tips. You are both great will be great parents. I love the baby bedroom it looks so cute I loved your diaper cake. Reve has a teddy bear blanket just like the one on your cake and he loves it even now.

Magen said...

Good Luck you guys! You will be great parents, I will be thinking of you and praying for you, Love Magen