Holiday Fun

We've had some fun as we've had time off of work and school. We went to see Avatar in 3-D with some friends, went to Gavin's work party at Tepanyaki's, spent time with family, and a whole bunch more. Therefore I thought that I would post pictures of our fun events on the blog. Enjoy.
We got together with a few friends for New Year's Eve. My aunt gave us some fun new years stuff for Christmas. They were enjoyed very much...

...until Gavin decided to get a bit too creative with the noise makers.

He also seemed to thoroughly enjoy the confetti.

Earlier that day we went ice-skating with Braiden and Brittany. They had free passes and were kind enough to invite us along.

Being seven months pregnant I did more picture taking then skating, but we had so much fun.

Gavin took me around the rink a few times, so I could do more than just take pictures.

Braiden and Brittany

Braiden, Brittany, and Gavin having a little race around the rink.

We also had a great Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at the Hall's. Grandpa Hall got a train set from Santa, which was enjoyed just about as much by the grandsons as grandpa.
Then we went to the Capener's for the rest of Christmas day. We got to talk to my brother Josh who is serving a mission right now and had a great time with family members.

Gavin lookin' good in his new hat.

We went up to the cabin over Christmas weekend too. While the boys went off on their adventures the girls made necklaces.

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