The First Snow

So, this is the scene out my front window today. I always get mixed feelings when the first snow starts to fly. I love that this means the holidays are just around the corner, hot chocolate will be a frequent treat, and I can finally get out all of my warm sweaters. However, I can't help but think that it also means scraping my windows in the morning, and driving in the snow. Well I guess I should just focus on the positive because like it or not the snow is here!


Kevin & Debra said...

Oh Yikes! We didn't have any white stuff here but cold and cloudy. Keep warm and safe.
Love you!

James said...

Brrrr, that's why I moved to Arizona! Although, our low here in Big T this morning was 35! WE have actually had our furnace on the last couple days, but never fear, we will be back up in the 80s tomorrow I believe!