Our Summer Fun So Far.

So we have loved being out of school for summer and it is nice break to only be working full time. It is great to be able to come home from work and just be done. Here is the readers digest version of what we have been doing most this summer.

We have been riding the four wheelers up at the cabin. (Katie always seems to end up with a dirt moustache.)
Katie survived a spout with the Swine Flu. (Dramatic music plays) Neither of us enjoyed wearing face masks for three days.
We also loaded the Expedition with our friends and have been camping lots. (Camping is "intense") Braiden and I put up the massive 11 x 11 ft tent,
while Katie and Brittany started a fire.

We hiked up that mountain in the background.And of course being the men that we are we had to chop down a big dead tree. We have done a bit of waterskiing.

We watched the Logan fireworks with the Capeners from our front lawn and had some pyrotechnics of our own in the back parking lot. With the holiday season Katie loves to make more decorations so we couldn't have gotten past the 4th without a cute new firecracker.
And then we just couldn't get enough camping in our system so we had to go again and will continue to go all through the summer. Yay!


Kevin & Debra said...

The pictures are great. Don't forget to be safe!

Andersen said...

looks like fun. we still need to go camping with you guys. let us know when you guys come to BL again and we can go hiking also.

Jason & Morgan said...

That was amazing!!! Gavin I loved it