Santo Domingo & A Few Random Photos

This is one of Gavin's favorite foods in Ecuador. It is called encebollado. It is a fish soup that has a citrus juice, red onions, tomatoes and other stuff in it.

Gavin named this dog on his mission. He was just a puppy then, but they still call him Buddy.

This is a family we visited in Santo Domingo.

This is a park in Sangolqui.

This is a statue of Ruminahui, the indigenous people's war hero.

There are statues like this built in most of the roundabouts in the cities.

They paint the bottoms of the trees white to keep the bugs off.

There are armed guards in many of the stores, because there is so much theft there.

This is one of the families Gavin baptized on his mission. They are originally from Cuba and an amazing family. We are here eating at their fast food restaurant.

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