Basilica & Teleferico

This is the Basilica. It is Ecuador's Notredame, although much smaller.

These are the doors to the catacombs, where they bury people when they die.

There were pigeons everywhere.

This is where they bury their presidents. We weren't able to go inside, because it was closed while we were there.

The stained glass windows were gorgeous.

So was the church.

A view from one of the towers.

To get to the towers you cross this bridge...

...and climb a few of these ladders.

In one of the clock towers.

This is the last level in the towers. I am standing on the level below taking the picture.

Gavin on top of the towers hanging out of a window. (See the movie at the bottom of the blog)

The tower on the back of the cathedral.

The cemetery

Gavin "confessing" all his sins.

We are now at Teleferico, which is basically a large ski lift that takes you to the top of a mountain that overlooks Quito.

The view.

This is a movie from the top of the tower. They really don't have many safety regulations there, so Gavin is sitting just outside of a window in the tower taking this movie.

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