Banos Waterfalls

In Baños we went on a tour of the waterfalls.

This is what we rode around on our tour. It's called a chiva.

We rode this little green cart...

... across this ravine.

These are some people from Germany we met.

At this little spot you can catch a fish and the people will cook it for you while you hike down to see the last waterfall on the tour.

Hiking to the waterfall.

The waterfall.

We got to wade in the water at the bottom of the waterfall.

This is a bridge on the tour.

This is Gavin jumping off the bridge on the tour.

You step off the bridge on the left and the ropes are connected to the bridge on the right.

This video is of Gavin jumping off the bridge, which was 35 meters off the ground. This little event proved what a whimp I am. Of all the people in our tour group only the nun and I did not jump off the bridge.

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