So we finally got some paint from our landlord and went to town on our apartment, which happened to be desperate for a paint job. We painted the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen over the break. This may seem like quite the chore, but we were excited to fix up our apartment and actually had alot of fun doing it.

Gavin got a little creative with the painting. Maybe it was the paint fumes.

Here is for any of you who might be under the impression that I am incapable of using a power tool. I may not have been a pro at Home Depot on Black Friday, but I am Harvey Evan's grand-daughter. I may have picked up a few of his woodworking genes.

Gavin had to do most of the ceiling, because well it just doesn't turn out well when someone who's 5'2" tries to do it.

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Andersen said...

That is awesome... I hope you didn't get paint on your beautiful carpet. The pink is to die for.