We had a great Christmas and we hope that everyone else did as well.

We spent Christmas Eve with my Grandma and Grandpa Evans. We had a great prime rib dinner and opened presents.

The boys all got emergency flashlights that have a cell phone charger and a radio built into them.
The girls got lotions and other fun stuff.

And everyone got tickets to go to the movies.

Gavin would have liked to take home my grandma's Yorkie for Christmas, but we live in an apartment. I know exactly what to get him the first Christmas we live in a house though.
We spent Christmas morning at the Capener's and had a great deal of fun. The snow was crazy so we were glad that we had spent the night and didn't have to travel far in the bad weather. This is us in our new Christmas outfits.

Gavin got a portable heater to take to work with him.

And a few other things.

Us just being cheesy as usual.

I made a poor attempt at making my Great Grandma Alice's homemade chocolates. I used to help her dip them every Christmas so it brought back a lot of memories. I just wish Grandma could have stuck around a little longer to share her secrets with me.

Some of us at Grandma Capener's house.

We didn't take many pictures, but we also had some fun at the Hall's over Christmas. I did happen to take one video that I thought was quite funny. The Hall's got a new winter sports game for the wii. Gavin was especially good at figure skating, which I found rather funny. It is a bit long so feel free to watch the first few seconds, it really doesn't get any better.


Andersen said...

I loved the chocolates you will have to teach me someday how you make them. Hope school is going well for the both of you.

Kaylee said...

Seeing all of those Christmas pictures and your beautiful chocolates made me miss the good old days. Christmas just hasn't been the same since Grandma Alice passed away. I too, wish I had taken more time while she was alive to learn all of her little secrets with cooking. She was amazing. I'm so glad I found your blog it is fun to see what family is up to.