Carving Pumpkins

So I'm a bit late posting this, as Halloween has come and gone. I thought that you might enjoy the pictures anyway. We got together with our good old friends the Picketts to carve pumpkins this year. We had a fun Halloween. We went to the haunted forest at Sherwood hills on Halloween. It was great fun, but perhaps not as scary as it may have been had we not known the goblins. The Picketts got a job haunting the forest this year. And although they did a wonderful job, it's just not as scary when you know who's behind the mask.
Well I knew that my pumpkin was very large, but I was still a bit surprised to see how thick it was. Perhaps this will give you a better appreciation of my carving efforts.

Well Gavin gets pretty into pumpkin carving. Although this may look like a Halloween costume, don't be mistaken. This is merely Gavin's pumpkin carving gear.

Braiden's pumpkin, which I might add he took ample time on. He was still carving when the rest of us were finished and had been through a few games of walk the dog.

Brittany made a scary vampire on her pumpkin, which I must say looks much better than my pumpkin. Perhaps this is what Edward from the Twilight series looks like.

Katie's pumpkin. So if you can't tell this was supposed to be a witch silhouette inside of an apple. I saw the pattern on the internet, but my pumpkin was so big that I had to just kinda free hand it. Well I had fun carving it anyway.

Gavin's pumpkin. Alright you may say that it's the wrong team, but we live in Logan and we really didn't want to have any true blue aggies egging our house on Halloween night. You must admit even though it is a USU pumpkin, it took some talent.

Only in the Hall family do you need protective eye wear while carving pumpkins.


Andersen said...

As a hall Gavin should have been more careful with his fingers, legs, arms, forehead... well all over really. Really anything could have been cut off or cut open. It looks like you had a fun time doing it.

Kevin & Debra said...

The pumpkins looked great-way to be creative (and safe!)