Fun at the Cabin

We spent labor day at the cabin. It's always fun to get away
to Bear Lake. It was especially nice after a crazy first week of school.
Don't get us wrong we're greatful for the opportunity to go to school, but well sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.


Ryan and Maria said...

Oh gally, so cute!

Andersen said...

Yeah if you guys want to help we will take all we can get. We are moving on the 10th of October that weekend. Depending on how soon they have new managers and when they move in will depend on how pressed for time we hive. With the couch I would say try and sell it to someone. We need all the $ we can get. We spent $20 to redo it. Depending on how desperate someone is I would sell it for $15-$20. If not or you know a friend who needs it we would sell it for $5. Or you can find a happy middle. Let me know.